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For your home

Residential pest control

Whether a standard home or large property in Adelaide, Pest Demise can protect you and your family from unwanted, disease carrying pests...

For your business

Commercial pest control

Pest Demise provide the highest quality commercial pest control. We can provide pest management and protection from unwanted, disease carrying pests...



Pest inspection

Buying a new home, investment property or a business premises can be one of the biggest investments you will make...

Pre-purchase inspection

The Pest Demise is locally owned and operated and has many years of experience working with buyers, builders & sellers...

Building inspection

Building inspector fees are relatively minor compared with the cost of extensive repairs that could potentially be found...

Summer Pests

  • rodents-teaser


    Pest Demise have the knowledge and know-how to tackle rodents and feral pests present in South Australia. We service Adelaide and surrounding areas, including the Adelaide Hills so if you think you may have a rodent problem, call Pest Demise today for free advice and a free quote...

  • millipedes-teaser


    The Black Portuguese Millipede (Ommatoiulus moreletii) was accidently introduced into Australia where, due to the lack of natural predation, has become an invasive pest and multiplied to plague proportions...

  • termites-teaser


    At Pest Demise, our rapid response termite treatments will put you at ease. Our termite inspectors are fully qualified and have extensive experience in termite inspection, termite treatment and termite prevention...

Termite services

Termites (also known as white ants) cause millions of dollars damage to Australian homes and businesses each year and can significantly devalue your property. So what do you do if you unwittingly find yourself at the mercy of destructive termites?

Termite report

Our fully qualified inspection specialists have all the local knowledge to guarantee your protection from termites and white ants for years to come...

Termite treatment

You need the best and most trusted pest exterminators to take care of not only your termite extermination, but also termite prevention...

Termite protection

We understand the way termites in South Australia behave and we know how to help you protect your home...

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