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Termites are a serious problem throughout Australia. These pests attack timbers in buildings which can cause serious structural damage. With an estimated one in four Australian dwellings affected by termite damage, taking preventative measures to control these destructive pests is essential.

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Termites (also known as white ants) cause millions of dollars damage to Australian homes and businesses each year and can significantly devalue your property. So what do you do if you unwittingly find yourself at the mercy of destructive termites? You need someone you can trust to identify and deal with your problem before termites settle into your home and it becomes a much bigger issue.

At Pest Demise, our rapid response termite treatments will put you at ease. Our termite inspectors are fully qualified and have extensive experience in termite inspection, termite treatment and termite prevention. So if you live in Adelaide or the Adelaide Hills, call Pest Demise today and find out how we can eradicate you pest control problems.

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