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Specialist Services

Pest demise offer a full range of pest control, and pest inspection services to keep your environment safe for you and your family.

We deliver the best solution to suit your pest control problem using the latest and safest in pest control methods.


Commercial Pest Control

Pest Demise are experienced in keeping Adelaide’s industry pest-free, from food processing to restaurants and bars as well as retail, manufacturing, warehousing and agriculture.

With our local knowledge and expert advice, we can guarantee your business will be pest-free, and health and safety compliant.


Residential Pest Control

Our Adelaide and Adelaide Hills-based technicians receive ongoing training and are constantly up-skilled in order to provide you with the latest and safest technologies in pest prevention and eradication.

Pest Demise cover you against all the usual pests such as termites, spiders, cockroaches, rats and mice, and millipedes, to name a few.


Inspection Services

At pest demise we understand the importance of knowing what you're really getting when making a significant purchase such as a home.

Where possible, Pest Demise technicians will conduct a non-invasive, visual inspection when inspecting your home or business and provide a full written report detailing areas of vulnerability.


Pest Inspection

Buying a new home, investment property or a business premises can be one of the biggest investments you will make...

Pre-purchase Inspection

The Pest Demise is locally owned and operated and has many years of experience working with buyers, builders & sellers...

Property Inspection

It’s an unfortunate fact that many properties are bought without people knowing what's behind the walls and beneath the surfaces...

Why Choose Pest Demise

Pest Demise offer safe and effective, rapid response pest control treatments for termites and general pests with a full written report including advice on future pest prevention.

Our expert local knowledge of Adelaide and the Adelaide hills, as well as all aspects of regulations and compliance, mean that we can safeguard your business or your home and family from the health risks associated with pest infestations.

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If you need help with a pest infestation or simply want the peace of mind that comes from a yearly pest inspection, get in touch with Pest Demise today on (08) 8388 6484 or email as at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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