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Pre-construction inspection

A small investment in the form of a pre-construction inspection now could save you tens of thousands in the future. By booking pre-construction pest control services, you can prevent infestations before they happen.

Even if you‘ve found the perfect council and builder approved location to build your new home or commercial premises, there are still risks. A Pest Demise pre-construction inspection with one of our fully licensed and accredited inspectors will guarantee you minimise those risks.

We’ll perform a pre-construction inspection for old termite activity as well as current infestations in the surrounding area providing you with documentation of any visible signs of damage caused by termites and other pests.

Local knowledge

There are many factors that can make a particular location more attractive to certain pests like termites and borers such as proximity to bushland, gardens and other properties as well as the foundations, frame and other building materials.

Pest Demise have a local knowledge of Adelaide and the Adelaide hills, meaning we know what to expect and what to look for to protect your investment.

Pre-construction termite treatment

One of the risks that investors, builders and renovators fail to take into account is pests. Pest Demise specialise in termite treatment and prevention in pre-construction stages which includes several procedures ensure termite-free construction area.

Treating the soil with eco-friendly, family safe insecticides before the slab is placed is the most common method of termite treatment. It forms a chemical barrier between the ground slab and masonry that will prevent termites or white ants from approaching the building.

Pre-construction protection

Our highly trained team has a range of specialist pre-construction pest control treatments as well as protection plans to guarantee your new build remains pest free for years to come.

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