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Termite treatments

Your home or business is generally your largest financial investment, which is exactly why you need the best and most trusted pest exterminators to take care of not only your termite extermination, but also termite prevention.

Pest Demise will address your specific needs for taking effective action against a termite invasion. We only use non-toxic, environmentally friendly, family safe methods that are all backed by our Pest Demise warranty.

In-ground termite monitoring and baiting

This is both a preventative measure and a treatment which involves placing unobtrusive bait stations around the perimeter of your home or business. Termites will carry the the bait back to the nest where it will be consumed, effectively eliminating the colony.

Pest Demise routinely monitor these bait stations for termite activity, adding bait when necessary.

Above ground baiting

When termite activity is found by Pest Demise inspectors, an above ground baiting solution can be applied. Baits are place directly on the location of termite activity, either inside or outside of your home or business.

As with in-ground baiting, the bait is attractive to termites but non-toxic to humans and pets and the termites will carry the toxicant back to the nest infecting the rest of the colony.

Termite Barriers

A physical and chemical termite barrier is designed to deter termites. After a complete inspection and evaluation of your property we can offer and provide the best options for your particular situation.

Physical termite barriers are made from materials that termites cannot chew through and must be installed by licensed pest control technicians.

A chemical pesticide barrier is applied into the soil under and around the foundations of your property.

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