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White Ants

White ants, also known as termites, are quite common throughout Adelaide & the Adelaide HIlls. Out of all the pests that can intrude on homeowners, none are as efficiently destructive as the white ant. In fact, white ants cause more damage to properties each year than fire and flood combined.

White ant signs

At first you may not see any direct evidence of a white ant infestation, but there are tell tale signs that you can look for such as sagging floors, holes in timber, and hollows which can be found by both tapping and pressing the woodwork.

White ant waste is another sign that you could have an infestation. White ant droppings are wood coloured pellets and if found near damaged timber, could spell trouble.

White Ant Inspection

A pre-purchase white ant inspection is a must before you make such a significant purchase such as buying your new home. As for existing homeowners, by the time you’ve even seen any signs of white ants, they may have already caused significant damage.

Luckily Pest demise provide not only white ant inspections but pre-purchase inspections, building inspections, and more. All Pest Demise pest technicians are fully qualified, trained and insured and will provide you with guaranteed work, a fast turnaround, professional service and a comprehensive report.

White ant treatment

Professional assistance is generally required for even moderate white ant problems, but there are precautions you can take to reduce the risk of a white ant problem.

White ants require two things to survive. Firstly they thrive in damp and moist habitats, so keeping the area around your house as dry as possible will help. This includes gutters. Secondly, white ants require wood. Any areas surrounding structures on your property should be free of timber debris

Filling in any cracks in walls, including gaps in electrical wiring and pipes, is recommended to prevent white ants from trafficking into your home. There are also chemical repellents such as baits and barriers that can be used around your home to keep white ants at bay, although the majority of do-it-yourself kits are far inferior to what a white ant specialist can provide.

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